Merced Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

The Merced HDK is an evaluation platform for QuickLogic’s EOS S3AI SoC. The HDK comes with time-series (continuous) sensors, including:

  • Accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer motion sensors
  • Two digital microphones (PDMs)

The Merced HDK can store data locally using a μSD card or transmit sensor data via a built in BLE module.

Ready to Use - Out of the Box

The Merced HDK is an Arduino form-factor compatible module. This makes it an ideal hardware platform to expand features without developing new hardware. The Merced HDK includes a demo application that makes it ready to use out of the box. The device comes with a boot-from-flash feature to enable users to evaluate QuickAI™ applications. It also links directly with the SensiML Data Analytics Toolkit in order to collect data, develop AI models, algorithms and new classifiers. Updating the Merced HDK is possible via an on-board USB-2-UART connection. This enables the creation of demos and prototypes without any additional development time or resources.

Ordering Information

To order, refer to part number QAI-EVALKIT-AA-1.0 and contact sales.