QuickLogic Timeline


  • Announced the strategic partnership with SiFive & the launch of SoC templates
  • Launched Merced EOS Hardware Development Kit for easy evaluation of EOS platform & Time-Series AI Solution
  • Launched EOS S3AI SoC Platform for Time Series IoT Endpoint Applications
  • Acquired SensiML SaaS AI Company


  • Announced the availability of eFPGA on TSMC 40nm Process
  • eFPGA solution available for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX® (FD-SOI) process
  • Introduced comprehensive QuickAI Platform for Endpoint AI Applications


  • Established eFPGA Support Center in Taiwan to Accelerate IP Licensing Model
  • First to Offer eFPGA Technology on SMIC 40nm Low Leakage Process


  • Introduced ArcticPro Embedded FPGA (eFPGA)
  • Joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES FDXcelerator(TM) Partner Program
  • Shipped 40 Millionth Display Bridge Solution
  • Introduced EOS S3 Sensor Processing SoC Reference Design Platform


  • EOS S3 Platform is a multi-core, ultra-low power sensor processing SoC architected for advanced sensor processing functions at a fraction of the power consumption of general purpose microcontroller-based solutions for smartphone, wearable and IoT devices


  • ArcticLink 3 S2 ultra-low power sensor hub released, offering mobile OEMs significantly increased processing and storage abilities while remaining below the 2% battery power threshold


  • ArcticLink 3 S1 ultra-low power sensor hub announced, offering mobile OEMs always-on context awareness at < 2% of battery life
  • PolarPro 3 announced, QuickLogic’s first one-time programmable logic device for mobile and industrial markets
  • Catalog CSSP product strategy and first solutions announced


  • ArcticLink III BX display interface bridge announced, offering OEMs a low-cost, flexible solution for bridging incompatible components


  • ArcticLink III VXannounced, combining display bridging with visual enhancement and power savings technologies
  • VEE HD+ and HD+ announced, extending the high-quality display experience and battery life savings for smartphonesblets with up to 1,920 x 1,200 displays


  • ArcticLink II VX nannounced, introducingVEE and providing a high-quality display experience and 25% average battery life extension for smartphones


  • PolarPro II announced, designed to meet the connectivity, intelligence, security and system logic requirementstable and mobile applications


  • CSSP Solutions customer engagement model announced; innovative hardware + software solution for mobile and industrial customers


  • Introduction of embedded processor + programmable logic


  • October 15 – Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq


  • Introduction of first hardwired + programmable logic device


  • Open Tool Synthesis introduced


  • Introduction of market’s highest performance, lowest power FPGAs


  • Founding of company
  • Introduction of ViaLink technology